Why Did Your Brake Caliper Fail And What Are Your Repair Options?

Brake calipers provide the mechanical action that allows disc brakes to function. While your brake pads and rotors physically create friction, they rely on the caliper pistons to push them into contact with one another. While brake calipers don't require attention as part of a routine maintenance plan, they can occasionally fail. Since calipers are critical parts of your braking system, it's crucial to understand why they sometimes fail and your options for getting yours functioning again.

Why You Should Take Your Car In For Inspection And Repair After An Accident

Car accidents or collisions can happen very quickly, and many of them occur in parking lots or areas where the speed you are traveling is not very high. No matter how hard the impact is or how fast you are traveling when the accident occurs, some things can be damaged or knocked out of alignment. Having the vehicle assessed at an auto collision repair center is essential. Minor Damage After a collision, the vehicle may look fine and might have some light damage to it.

What Your Brake Pad War Is Telling About Your Brake System

Do you feel like you need to take your vehicle in to a local auto shop to have the brakes repaired? If so, it may help to look at the brake pads to see how they are wearing down. There is a lot that you can tell about your brake system based on how those brake pads have worn down over time.  Normal Brake Pad Wear When your vehicle has normal brake pad wear, all of the pads are going to have the same amount of wear across them.

Repairing Your Vehicle's Transmission Damage

Any problems with your transmission can have major consequences on your ability to operate your vehicle. Unfortunately, it is a common situation for people to be unaware of the types of problems that their transmission can be likely to encounter or the repair options that are available. Transmission Problems May Not Pose Major Issues At First A common assumption that people may have about transmission issues is that they are only a major concern if they have a severe impact on the performance of the vehicle.