4 Transmission Problems That Need Immediate Repair

If your transmission is not working, power cannot move from the engine to the wheels. And it will be hard to accelerate or decelerate your car. While transmission issues are common, many amateur drivers may need to learn the critical transmission problems that call for immediate repairs. Fortunately, if you fix transmission problems early on, you can avoid hefty repairs or replacements. You need to resolve these four transmission problems ASAP before they get more complicated. 

1. Grinding Noise

When your vehicle changes gears, your transmission is supposed to respond smoothly without buzzing, slipping, shaking, or grinding. If you hear any weird sensation, chances are your torque converter is failing. This is a component with transmission fluid located between the transmission and the engine that helps transmit power from the engine to the transmission to enable it to change. If left unattended, a damaged torque converter may lead to a complete loss of acceleration, leading to stalling, which can be dangerous if you are cruising on a highway. Therefore, seek transmission repair services ASAP. 

2. Fluid Leaks

This is the last thing you want to deal with because it can mean irreparable damage to your transmission system. Transmission fluid leak happens due to worn-out axle seal, pan gasket, transmission line, or driveshaft. And it exposes the transmission component to wear and tear, leading to permanent damage. If you have seen red fluid where your park your car, your transmission fluid may be leaking. Get in touch with a transmission repair who can fix the worn-out parts and refill the fluid. 

3. Burning Smell

A burning smell coming from your car is never good news. If a smell comes from your transmission, you may be looking at an overheating transmission fluid. So, what causes an overheating transmission fluid? This happens due to low, worn-out, or dirty fluid. It is in your best interest to engage a transmission repair expert before your car suffers permanent damage. They can replace the transmission fluid to ensure your transmission functions perfectly for a smooth ride.

4. A Damaged Solenoid

You may have heard your auto repair expert talk about transmission solenoid, but do you know what it is? This is a valve that regulates the flow of transmission fluid into the transmission to allow it to function efficiently. If the solenoid is damaged, your transmission may not get enough fluid, causing delayed shifting, slipped shifting, or no shifting at all. A transmission repair expert can fix this by replacing the damaged solenoid.

As long as you have a vehicle, you should be proactive about transmission problems. This is the only way to void future stressful situations and premature replacement. As mentioned, if you are looking at any of the above transmissions as a problem, do not hesitate to consult a transmission repair service.