What Is Runaway And Why Is It A Concern For Older Diesels?

You probably don't like the thought of your truck running away from you, but it's a situation you may need to worry about if you drive an older rig. Although a runaway diesel won't take off down the road without you, it will behave in some unusual ways. Unfortunately, this behavior can also lead to lasting and expensive engine damage or even critical failures, such as fires. On the bright side, runaway is a relatively rare condition, and it's one that you can often avoid by recognizing and repairing problems before they become too severe.

Auto Air Conditioning System Servicing: Three Reasons It Should Get Done Regularly

For most people, the air conditioning system of their vehicle only gets utilized during the hot summer and cold winter months. As a result, they rarely consider auto air conditioning system servicing as part of their regular car maintenance service. However, like every other vehicle component, a vehicle's AC system also needs regular services to ensure that it maintains its optimal functionality. With that said, here are three benefits of conducting regular car air conditioning maintenance servicing.

Find A Part That Fits: How To Choose The Right Car Parts For Your Own Maintenance And Repairs

Finding the right car parts can be a bit confusing. Car parts make up an important part of your car. Knowing the right car parts to buy can spare you from spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on replacements. Here's a post to help you find the right car parts for your repairs and maintenance: Evaluate Your Car Problems The first thing that you need to do is evaluate any problems with your car.

Got An Oil Leak? It Might Be Due To One Of These 3 Gaskets!

Oil leaks are frustrating, embarrassing, and potential environmental hazards. Leaking oil onto your garage or driveway can mean potentially contaminating your lawn and causing harm to nearby animals and plants. You're also doing damage to your car. Constantly topping up your oil can lead to accidental overfilling, and your leak may progress rapidly enough to cause your oil to drop to dangerous levels. While a slow oil leak isn't an issue that you need to address immediately, it's also not one that you should put off for too long.

Maintenance Advice For DPF Filters

If you have a vehicle with a diesel engine, then it will rely on a diesel particulate filter. It's designed to capture soot that is later burned off for safer emissions. It's key that you maintain this filter for optimal engine performance, which you can do if you take these steps.  Use the Right Oil In Your Vehicle The particulate that is made from a diesel engine is dependent on the type of engine oil you use.