4 Common Car Problems And Their Solutions

Every vehicle owner encounters car trouble from time to time. Sadly, many ignore the minor indicators of developing problems until the damage escalates to complete vehicle breakdown. 

Therefore, it is prudent to address minor issues by making an appointment with your auto repair mechanic at the earliest chance you get. Here are four of the most common car issues you may encounter and the most suitable auto repairs. 

When the Engine Starts Sputtering

The vehicle's engine has multiple components that work together to keep it running constantly. For the engine to ignite and fuel your car, it needs to have the ideal ratio between air and the engine fuel. When the two components mix, they burn within the combustion chamber. 

If the engine is sputtering, a part of the combustion system has issues you should rectify. It is advisable to constantly check and maintain the fuel and ignition system, as it helps minimize engine failure. 

When the Steering Wheel Starts Shaking

The steering wheel should smoothly turn when accelerating, slowing down, and turning the vehicle. Shaking and vibration on the steering wheel often indicate that your car has problems with the suspension. It would help if you had it checked immediately after the issue emerges. 

The vibrations can also result from wheel bearing damage. For example, if the steering starts shaking after starting the car, it is advisable to check the wheel bearings. On the other hand, if the wheel shakes when the vehicle attains a higher speed, the suspension system is to blame. 

Old and Worn Brake Pads

Over time, the brake pads wear down. You should ensure the brakes remain in excellent shape and replace them any time you notice signs of wear, owing to their critical role. 

Sometimes brake pads come with defects from the factory, and the only solution, in this case, is to replace them. If you ignore issues with the brakes, you might damage the metallic components in the system and significantly compromise your road safety. 

Problems with the Tires

Tire issues are also prevalent in vehicles. The nature of the problem is determined by what caused it. For example, uneven tread wear could mean that your wheels are out of alignment or an issue in the suspension. Luckily, you can maintain your tires in great shape by having them inspected and aligned regularly. 

It is advisable to take your car to the auto repair shop as soon as you notice anything out of the ordinary. Doing this saves you money and time, and more importantly, protects you from a potential accident.