5 Common Reasons Your Check Engine Light Is On

When the check engine light looms, it's easy to get worried about the cause. Every mile you drive turns into a guessing game. Left unresolved, the damage could compound along with the auto repair price. Keep reading to discover five common reasons your check engine light is on. 1. The Gas Cap Your car's gas cap seals in gas fumes and helps maintain the pressure in the tank. A missing or faulty cap leads to excess fuel loss and improper function of the tank.

So You Hit A Pothole The Size Of A Small Swimming Pool, What's The Worst That Can Happen?

The roads of America are riddled with potholes, mostly created by the forces of nature, from the torrential rains of Florida to the bitter, brutal Winters of New England. Wherever you happen to be driving, if you hit a pothole, bad things can happen to your car, beginning with the tires.  The Potential Damage Hitting a pothole can be scary, especially if you didn't see it coming. Furthermore, your tire(s), rims, steering, suspension, and more may be adversely affected.

Quick Ways To Lose Your Commercial Driver's License

It's great to study for and earn a commercial driver's license. However, it's something entirely different to maintain your commercial license. While a blatant disregard for safety will surely put your license in jeopardy, there are also other factors that can raise concerns.  Inaccurate Accident Reporting All accidents are not avoidable, so if you are involved in a crash, it's vital you be forthcoming and honest about the information you know.

3 Signs It's Time To Replace Your Brake Pads

When driving your vehicle, it's important that your car's safety features function as intended to keep other drivers and your self as safe as possible. This guideline also applies to your brake pads. Your brake pads help supply the necessary friction to stop your automobile. Though your car's maintenance schedule is an excellent resource for determining when to complete specific repairs, your brakes may wear out ahead of schedule, especially if you do a lot of stop-and-go driving or if you have to drive down steep hills.

Three Things To Know About Auto Detailing

If you have neglected your car for many months or years and it looks really bad because of this, you may want to consider getting it detailed. Auto detailing is a service used to restore the looks and condition of a car, and it basically involves a very in-depth cleaning of the car. If this is something you are interested in getting, here are three things you should know about this type of service.