Why Finding And Repairing Leaks Is Important

There's nothing quite like the slow realization that the stain on your favorite parking spot at work has been coming from your car. What is it? When did it start? How much is it going to cost to fix? When many car owners realize that they have a leak, their initial reaction may be to put it off for as long as possible. After all, the car had been leaking for some amount of time before you ever noticed the problem, so what's a few more days… or weeks?

Struggling To Steer? Drivers Must Never Ignore These Warnings

The ability to steer your vehicle accurately and with little effort is crucial to making your driving experience safe and enjoyable. When something goes wrong with the car that interferes with the driver's ability to steer, it is more than an annoyance. In fact, some common signs of a developing steering problem can be a serious threat to the safety of the driver and their passengers, as well as other vehicles and their occupants who are on the same course of travel.

Top Reasons To Take Your Foreign Luxury Car To A Foreign Car Repair Specialist

Foreign luxury cars are popular for good reasons; they are beautiful to look at and a lot of fun to drive. Most people love their foreign luxury cars, but owning one does come with a few challenges. One issue that many foreign luxury car owners face is finding the right auto repair shop for regular maintenance and repairs. If you own a foreign luxury car, it is never a good idea to randomly choose an auto repair shop to work on your vehicle.

5 Common Reasons Your Check Engine Light Is On

When the check engine light looms, it's easy to get worried about the cause. Every mile you drive turns into a guessing game. Left unresolved, the damage could compound along with the auto repair price. Keep reading to discover five common reasons your check engine light is on. 1. The Gas Cap Your car's gas cap seals in gas fumes and helps maintain the pressure in the tank. A missing or faulty cap leads to excess fuel loss and improper function of the tank.

So You Hit A Pothole The Size Of A Small Swimming Pool, What's The Worst That Can Happen?

The roads of America are riddled with potholes, mostly created by the forces of nature, from the torrential rains of Florida to the bitter, brutal Winters of New England. Wherever you happen to be driving, if you hit a pothole, bad things can happen to your car, beginning with the tires.  The Potential Damage Hitting a pothole can be scary, especially if you didn't see it coming. Furthermore, your tire(s), rims, steering, suspension, and more may be adversely affected.