Why Taking Your Car To A Lube Shop Is A Good Option

Maintenance is one of the most critical things you can do to ensure your car last for many years. The better you take care of your car, the better it will perform for you, and the less it will cost you in repairs over time. Taking some time for basic care like taking the car to an auto lube should be high on your priority list if you want to keep your car running at its best. 

Chassis Lubrication

Lubrication is essential for all the moving parts on your car or truck. The chassis includes the steering and suspension parts, and all of these components need maintenance to ensure they can move freely when necessary. 

An auto lube shop can raise your car on a lift and clean and then lube all of the grease zerks under the car or truck at once. The time it takes to lube the car is worth it in the long run because the grease will protect the parts from rust, corrosion, water infiltration, and other damage. 

The entire chassis should be addressed while the car is on the lift and includes the ball joints, tie rods and ends, control arms, and any other moving parts in the suspension. 

Vehicle Lubrication

Vehicle lubrication does not stop at greasing the car. There are other parts of the vehicle that have oil or lubricants in them that need servicing. 

The engine oil, transmission fluid, gear oil in the differentials, transfer case on trucks, and power steering fluid all need to be changed from time to time. The intervals for service are in the vehicle owner's manual, but the auto lube shop can help you determine when it is time to address these lubricants.

Keep in mind, when changing lubricants, it is vital to flush out all the oil and replace any filters in the system to ensure the new oil or lubricant is not contaminated.  

Additional Lubrication

Your car or truck also has grease zerks on other components that may not be under the car, but still need lubrication. It is essential for the auto lube shop to go over the entire car when greasing it to ensure they don't miss anything. 

Auto lubrication should be part of your routine maintenance schedule, but if you have not been to the lube shop in a while, you can take your car in and have the tech go over all the components to determine what needs to be changed or addressed.

Reach out to an auto lube shop near you for more info.