Why You Should Repair or Replace Your Broken Windshield Immediately

Minor windshield damage may seem like a cosmetic problem, and you may be tempted to continue driving extra miles before fixing it. 

However, any windshield damage is not just an appearance issue. The damage could put you and other road users at risk of injuries. Therefore, it's advisable to seek automotive glass repair or replacement services immediately to keep safe and avoid life-threatening injuries. 

Below are the reasons why you should do so. 

Avoid Visibility Obstruction

If you drive with a cracked or chipped windshield, the crack or chip may line up with your sight and reduce visibility. At night, the broken glass creates prisms that may blind you temporarily when hit by headlights. 

Additionally, dirt, grime, or water may collect between the cracks, further decreasing visibility. Driving with poor visibility increases the chances of a road pile-up and collision. Chips make it challenging to spot obstacles on the road and oncoming vehicles. 

Avoid Losing Money

Seeking windshield repair services on time will save you from expensive replacement costs. When you delay seeking auto glass repair services, the problem may worsen, costing you more money. For example, a minor chip can spread throughout the entire windshield when driving on a bumpy road or after hitting a pothole. And since auto chip repair is impossible in such a scenario, auto glass replacement is the only option. 

Also, driving with a damaged windshield can put you in problems with the authorities. You may have to pay hefty fines depending on the extent of the damage. 

Prevent Ineffective Airbags Deployment        

The windshield plays an essential part in airbag deployment. In case of a collision, it acts as a backstop that allows the airbags to inflate and offer protection.

When a windscreen is chipped or cracked, the force of the airbag may shatter it. Thus, the airbag will inflate through the opening instead of toward the passenger. Such an airbag deployment won't offer the passenger any protection.

Prevent Ejection and Roof Collapse

An automotive glass can save you from ejection during an accident. However, a chip, a crack, or any other damage makes it weak, interfering with its ability to withstand harsh impacts. Therefore, you and your passengers will be at risk of ejection during an accident. 

A perfectly working windscreen provides structural strength to the upper part of a vehicle, thus preventing the roof from caving in or collapsing. However, a damaged windshield is weak, and in case of a rollover accident, the car's roof may collapse, causing injuries to the driver and passengers.