Servicing Your Performance Diesel Engine Properly For Best Performance

Diesel engines need service just like any vehicle, but the things they need are often a little different. The basic needs may be the same, but the components need to be made to withstand the stress and power these engines produce. For instance, a performance diesel engine should have specific parts to ensure that it runs like the manufacturer designed it.

Standard Maintenance

When you have a large truck with an engine like the Cummins 6.7 engine in it, you want to maximize the engine's performance and durability so that it continues to handle all the heaving tasks you throw at it. Like any engine, that means oil and filter changes with high-quality oil and a filter designed to work with that engine. 

Buying genuine parts for the engine from the dealer is the best way to ensure that you will get the most performance out of them. The oil filter may cost a little more from the dealership, but using a filter that is not designed to work with the engine or using low-quality filter material can have devastating results if the filter fails.

It is also vital that you use the recommended oil for your diesel engine when doing an oil change or talk to your local dealer's service department to see if there is an alternative oil for the engine in your truck. Sometimes a synthetic oil is a step up and will protect the engine longer between oil changes.

Fuel Filters

Along with the oil filter, the fuel filter on a large diesel engine is critical and needs to be part of the maintenance program. Using the highest quality filter, you can get on the fuel system is essential because a fuel system failure will often leave you stranded and in need of a tow.

Diesel fuel often has dirt and other particulate matter that needs to be removed before the fuel gets to the injector pump. A replaceable filter will do the job fine as long as it is replaced on the manufacturer's recommended interval. The fuel filters used on performance engines are often a screw-on filter that looks a lot like an oil filter, but it is important not to mix the filters up because the material inside is different.

Air Filters

Critical to the performance of the engine, the proper air filter for your engine will help it breathe and allow the right amount of air into the engine for proper combustion. Check the air filter every time the engine is serviced and replace it if it is dirty with a part that meets the manufacturer's specifications. 

Sometimes the air filter is made to be cleaned, but there can be a limit as to how many times cleaning will work, so be sure to check with the dealer if you suspect yours is ready for a replacement to get the right replacement part. Reach out to a company like South Houston Engine for more information about performance engines.