Common Problems With Mobile Food Trucks That Need Immediate Attention

Yoru mobile food truck is your business on wheels, and the engine, drivetrain, and other components make your business possible. If you are having small issues with your food truck, it is easy to disregard them and keep on moving to your intended stopping points. However, there are certain problems that can come up with a commercial vehicle that should never be ignored. Here is a look at some of the problems with mobile food trucks that demand immediate attention. 

The engine is overheating due to radiator issues. 

An overheating engine can be related to a lot of simple and complicated issues, such as: 

  • Problems with a leaking radiator 
  • Broken cooling fans that encourage airflow through the engine
  • Leaking coolant or no coolant in the reservoir that feeds the radiator 

Keep an eye on any signs that your engine is running hotter than usual. If you see that the gauge hits the red zone more often than it should, you should call a commercial truck repair service for help as soon as possible. An overheating engine can cause damage to everything from the pistons and cylinders to the belts and pulleys, and too much heat can cause the engine to need a full replacement in the worst cases. 

There are problems with the clutch or transmission. 

If something is going wrong with the clutch or automatic transmission in your food truck, there is a high risk of getting stranded because the powertrain powers the movement of the wheels. If you start having even the slightest issues with your clutch or transmission, it is imperative that you get the problem tended to immediately. If not, you could end up stranded at one of the stopping points on your usual parking route, which is never a good situation. 

The axles or wheels have issues. 

In a food truck, there is a lot of equipment in the back of the truck, and if you have issues with the wheels or axles, you can run into problems that put all that equipment at risk. For example, if you hit a huge pothole on your daily route, and it breaks a bearing in one of the wheels where it connects to an axle, your ride will be so bumpy that it could toss everything around in the back of the truck. It is not uncommon for mobile food truck owners to have to call for repair services in these situations. 

For more information about commercial truck repair, contact a local company such as C L Enterprises.