Three Common Causes Of Transmission Slipping

An auto transmission system that is slipping not only leads to sluggish performance, but it can also lead to further damage to the transmission system. Note that the transmission system is one of the most expensive parts of the car, and you don't ever want to replace it. Below are some of the specific reasons a transmission system might slip.

Low Fluid

The automatic transmission fluid (ATF) is a multifunctional fluid. Apart from cooling the transmission system, the ATF also transfers transmission power to the transmission as needed. For this to happen, the transmission fluid must have a certain pressure, and this pressure will fall to inefficient levels if the transmission fluid leaks. In such a case, the transmission will hesitate before shifting as it waits for the pressure to build up.

Various things can trigger transmission fluid leaks. For example, the wear and tear of the transmission system can cause transmission leakage after some time. Overheating of the transmission system might cause similar damage. Accidental damage, such as those caused by road debris or auto collisions, can also result in fluid leakage.

Fluid Obstruction

It might also be that your car just has enough ATF, but the fluid is not flowing to the required places. The effect will be the same as if the transmission system has suffered ATF leakage. The transmission system won't have adequate pressure to transfer the transmission force.

An example is if the pump that is supposed to draw and circulate ATF from the sump has malfunctioned. Another example is if the fluid filter, which is supposed to remove contaminants from the ATF, is clogged and restriction airflow. It might even be that the transmission tube is blocked and the fluid cannot flow through in good amounts.

Malfunctioning Pressure Regulator

The automatic transmission system functions under precise controls; everything must run as intended. The transmission can easily slip if the preciseness is lost. This is why transmission systems are equipped with pressure regulators, which control the ATF pressure to ensure it is always at the required level.

Unfortunately, the ATF pressure regulator can malfunction just like other parts of the car. If this happens, the pressure level may fall or fluctuate, and the loss of precise pressure control might lead to transmission slipping.

Take your car to an auto mechanic the minute you suspect the transmission has developed some malfunctions. That way, the mechanic may diagnose the root of the problem and fix it before it causes further damage.

For more information, contact a transmission service.