Quick Ways To Lose Your Commercial Driver's License

It's great to study for and earn a commercial driver's license. However, it's something entirely different to maintain your commercial license. While a blatant disregard for safety will surely put your license in jeopardy, there are also other factors that can raise concerns. 

Inaccurate Accident Reporting

All accidents are not avoidable, so if you are involved in a crash, it's vital you be forthcoming and honest about the information you know. If you give the police a false record of events or you flee the scene of an accident, your license could be revoked. If anyone is injured, your false information could even lead to criminal charges.  Even if you are at fault, remain at the scene and tell the truth to the police. 

Drug-Related Criminal Charges

A drug-related arrest and charge while you are operating a commercial truck is a quick way to lose your license. A driver transporting drugs in their truck would be an example of this type of crime. However, even if you are not transferring drugs in the commercial vehicle, but are instead driving the truck under the influence, you could still lose your license given the significant safety risks to the public that come with driving under the influence. 

Frequent Traffic Violations

If you continue to receive traffic violations, there is a risk that you will lose your commercial license. All drivers are expected to follow the laws, but commercial drivers are held to a higher standard. Frequent speeding or aggressive driving violations are especially troubling. However, keep in mind; even if you don't lose your license, the company you work for could terminate your employment, as drivers who commit regular violations pose an increased safety risk and are typically costlier to insure. 

Lack of Physical Exam 

Commercial drivers generally operate large trucks and other vehicles. As a result, a collision with a commercial vehicle can lead to significant injuries if not fatalities. To ensure the driver is equipped to handle these vehicles safely, a part of the licensing process involves a physical exam. You must submit to routine physicals based on your state's guidelines, such as once every two years. If you do not maintain a current physical on file, you could face a technical revocation of your license. Always keep track of your health screening requirements to avoid this issue. 

It's essential you work hard to maintain the commercial driver's license you worked so hard to earn. Work hard to stay safe to protect your license, your job, and most important, motorists on the road.