3 Things To Know About The Frame-Straightening Process

If your vehicle's frame has been damaged in an auto accident, an auto body shop may be able to straighten out the frame of your vehicle and get it in good shape again. In order to straighten the frame, a frame-straightening machine is used.

#1 Hold Your Vehicle in Place

To start the frame-straightening process, your vehicle is placed on a platform. This platform is used to analyze your vehicle and obtain a date, and the frame is used to keep your vehicle in place as it is straightened out.

To keep your vehicle, secure on the platform, multiple measures are taken. Clamps are used to keep your vehicle in place and to ensure that it doesn't move. Once your vehicle is put on the platform, an entire checklist is run through in order to make sure that your vehicle is secure on the platform and will not fall off and no additional harm will come to your vehicle.

#2 Data Machine Analyses Your Vehicle

Once your vehicle is in place, machines are used to analyze your vehicle. Lasers and scanning are used to get a complete picture of your vehicle. The position of every part of your vehicle is measured. The weight distribution of your vehicle is determined. Data analysis machines take numerous measurements and compare them to information about your specific vehicle.

This analysis is used to determine the extent of damage to your vehicle. This data is also used to determine what work your vehicle needs and how long it will take for that work to be completed. A frame-straightening machine is a very calculated machine that is heavily reliant on date and information to make informed decisions. 

#3 Frame Is Literally Pulled to Straighten

All of that date is used to literally pull and tug on your vehicle to get the frame straight. Chains are attached to your vehicle at strategic points. Specific calculated amounts of force are exerted on these chains to slowly straighten out your vehicle's frame. After each step, your vehicle is measured and analyzed again to see if the pulling worked and to determine the next step. This is a time-consuming process that depends upon data analysis to work together to get your vehicle to the point where the frame is as straight as if it just rolled off of the assembly line.

Straightening out your vehicle is a very precise process that requires the use of a platform, data analyzer, chains, and clamps. Precise measurements are taken, and the impact of each straightening effort is analyzed before more force is put on your vehicle. This is a very precise process that can fix up a damaged vehicle frame. For more information, contact your local auto repair shop.