Tips For Determining The Need For Truck Transmission Repair When You Don't Have Much Mechanical Knowledge

If you drive a commercial truck and do not know very much about what is under its hood, you are likely to find that your lack of knowledge could quickly become a significant problem. Therefore, it will be very helpful to be aware of the following information, so that you will know when you should bring it to a mechanic and when it is acceptable to keep driving.

#1-The Truck Is Slow To Change Gears Or Makes Odd Sounds While Doing So

If you frequently drive your truck up and down mountains or hills, you probably noticed that there are often sounds that you hear from the transmission as you change gears, regardless of whether it is an automatic or standard transmission. That is often perfectly normal, but you can become concerned when you notice that the transmission hesitates when changing gears. If you only notice the problem when you are hauling unusually heavy loads in the truck, it may not be a problem. In that instance, it occurs because the automatic transmission is cycling up and down in an attempt to compensate for the heavy loads. 

If it hesitates, has to be forced into gear or you hear a new sound while it is attempting to change gears, it is time to call the mechanic. If you experience that problem, it will be helpful to note that the cause is frequently dirty or low transmission fluid. If the problem happens again after being changed or filled, ask your mechanic to verify that there is not a leak that is allowing a tiny amount of transmission fluid to be released.

#2-The Transmission Will Not Change Gears Or Switches Gears Unexpectedly

When you are sitting at the red light and the vehicles around you all have drivers blaring their horns at you, it is terrifying to see that your vehicle will not move out of neutral or park. When the situation finally resolves, you should drive straight to a transmission repair expert to see what the problem is.

While the problem could again be low transmission fluid, you may also find that the wrong type of transmission fluid was recently used to fill it up. In addition, the cables that allow your transmission to shift could require adjusting. Regardless, if you continue to drive your truck before addressing the issue, more transmission damage may occur. Unfortunately, being stuck in a vehicle that does not change gears as it should at a stop light or stop sign could result in a motor vehicle accident.

In conclusion, it is not always easy to know when you may need to have the transmission in your truck repaired and when it is working as it should. When you are unsure, it will be helpful to consider the advice listed above. To learn more, contact a company like Color Country Diesel Inc.