How The Transmission In A Vehicle Is Related To Gear Problems

Does it feel dangerous to drive your vehicle because there is a delay in gear shifting? If you want to feel safe while you are driving around, you might want to invest in getting the transmission inspected to determine if it is causing delay gear shifting. Discover in this article how a transmission can be related to delayed gear shifting, as well as what kind of repair your vehicle might need.

How Does a Transmission Affect the Gears in a Vehicle?

The transmission in your vehicle is actually directly related to gear problems (in most cases). The reason is due to the gears needing help from the transmission in order to shift in the direction that you need to drive in. When there is a delay in how the gears shift, it is likely due to the transmission not being able to give them the power that they need to move efficiently. There are a few things that can interfere with the power of a transmission, which includes a weak engine or a lack of transmission fluid. However, sometimes the transmission becomes worn out naturally and simply need to be replaced by a mechanic.

How Can a Mechanic Diagnose Delayed Gear Shifting in a Vehicle?

The mechanic will start diagnosing your vehicle by inspecting the most minor thing that can cause delayed gear shifting, which is the transmission fluid. He or she will examine the fluid to determine if it is contaminated, as well as check to see if more is needed in your vehicle. Transmission fluid is vital because it energizes the engine, which then allows energy to flow to the transmission for powering the gears up. If the transmission fluid is ok, the mechanic will test drive your vehicle to see if there is any jerking, which would mean that the transmission is possibly going out. A transmission that is in bad condition can sometimes be rebuilt, or it can simply be replaced.

How Much Does a Transmission Repair Cost?

You can expect a mechanic to base the price of a transmission repair on the model of your vehicle, as well as whether or not it is being rebuilt or replaced. Replacing a transmission is a costly repair unless you opt for a used one that can cost at least $200 or more. A rebuilt transmission should cost at least $1,000 or more. Drive your vehicle to a mechanic to find out what is going on with the gears! Contact a business, such as Rolling Bay Automotive, for more information.