Find Out What The Puddles Under Your Car Could Be

One of the most worrisome things that can go wrong with your car is puddles under the car. There are several things that those puddles could be. 


You may notice water under your car during the summer after you have been running your air conditioner. That's condensation that is coming off your air conditioner, not a leak. When you are parked and the car isn't running, the water has a chance to drip down from the car and form a puddle. The water, being thinner than most of the other fluids, will also tend to run down the parking lot or driveway. Generally, water puddling under your car isn't a problem. 

Automatic transmission fluid

Automatic transmission fluid can be colored anything from a pinky red to a reddish brown, depending on how new it is. The older the fluid, the darker it will be. It will have a slippery, oily kind of feel. That's because it's a lubricating fluid. You generally see automatic transmission fluid leaks up near the radiator or under the transaxle.

Manual transmission fluid 

If you drive a stick shift and you have a puddle that smells like sulfur or like rotten eggs and looks very thick and greasy, then you may be looking at a manual transmission fluid leak. These puddles can form in a number of places, including under the differential, the transaxle, and the transmission. 


If you see only a drop or two of oil on your driveway, it's probably nothing to worry about. It could just mean that the nut holding the engine pan closed needs to be tightened, or that one of the gaskets is loose. However, finding puddles of oil is a big problem. Engine oil leaks can range in color from a light amber to a dark black, depending on how old the oil that is leaking out is. Darker oil has sludge and microscopic bits of metal and other things out of the engine. If you have just gotten your oil changed and you find a large amber colored puddle, that could mean that the oil pan wasn't fastened correctly. 

Puddles are one of the most obvious things that you can see wrong with your car. Knowing what the puddles are can give you a good idea as to what is going on with your car, and help you make a decision as to what you should do about it. To learn more, speak to an auto center, like Budget Automotive Center.