4 Warning Signs That Brake Repair Service On Your Vehicle Is Needed

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know how important the brakes of an automobile are. Without them, your car wouldn't stop until it crashed into something that forced it to. While the most obvious sign you need brake repair is when your car has trouble stopping, it is very unsafe to wait until your brakes reach that point of failure to get a mechanic or auto shop to work on them. Fortunately, the brakes of your vehicle will send off a lot of warning signs that something is wrong if you just pay attention to them.   

Warning Sign #1: Vibration

Your brake pedal is not supposed to vibrate or pulsate when you press down on it. When this happens, it can be a sign that one of your rotors are warped. It can also be a sign that your vehicle has fallen out of alignment. This vibration is going to feel similar to the way your pedal pulsates when you slam on the brakes suddenly to make an unexpected stop.

Warning Sign #2: Squealing

No, your brakes are not squealing and squeaking at you because they find you attractive. They are desperately trying to tell you something is wrong. When brakes squeak, squeal, or screech, it is usually because the brake pads are wearing to thin and need replaced. It is important to keep in mind that squealing and screeching is one of the first signs that your brakes will fail in the near future. You do not want to wait to get your brake pads replaced.

Warning Sign #3: Pulling

When you press your brakes, your vehicle should never pull to one side or the other of its own accord. If this happens, it could be a sign that your vehicle's brake lining is wearing too thin or wearing unevenly. It could also be a sign that there is some foreign matter that has made its way into your brake fluid. Having the brakes adjusted and having the brake fluid flushed out and replaced are the easy solutions to these problems.

Warning Sign #4: A Lot of Give

A soft brake pedal or a brake pedal with a lot of give means you have to apply more pressure to the pedal and wait longer for the car to actually stop. This is something you should only feel when you have new brakes and you are trying to get used to them. If you feel this at any other time, it is usually because your brake pads are worn down and need replaced. However, there could also be other issues with the brake system such as air in the brake line or low brake fluid.

The upside to recognizing these warning signs is that you now have time to take your vehicle to an auto repair shop (such as Alaskan Auto Center Inc) or a mechanic and get them braking system fixed. The only thing you have to worry about is paying attention to your vehicle when you are driving. It will tell you when something is wrong.