Luxury Services For Your Luxury Car: Three Elite Services You Probably Have Never Heard Of

Now that you have hit the big times and can afford luxury cars, you still want to keep those cars looking their best. You also want to keep those cars somewhere where they cannot be stolen. Along with owning a luxury vehicle comes certain privileges, which you might be able to obtain, if you know what those services are and are willing to spend the money.

High Security Car Storage

The perfect sort of BMW service, or service for any other luxury auto line, you can store your priceless investment in a high security car storage or garage. Your car may share space with other vehicles from other rich and famous individuals, or it may have its own stall and walls. The entire place is under twenty-four hour surveillance, probably has a few guards, and may even be tied into an alarm system that alerts local police to a break-in or possible theft in action. This type of storage or garage service varies from coastal state to coastal state, so check with your luxury vehicle dealership to get the details and find this service in your area.

Pick up and Delivery Service

There are some companies that provide a car pick up and delivery service. What the service offers luxury car owners is a little peace of mind. A driver is sent either to the storage garage with a spare key provided by you to retrieve your vehicle and deliver it to your doorstep, or takes the car from your property and puts it back in your high security garage or storage unit. Essentially, it is a valet service for your residence, although you could certainly request retrieval and drop off for a location other than your home.

Mobile Auto Repair Service

You can get a traveling vet and groomer for your purebred, so why not a mobile auto repair service? Indeed, as the proud owner of a luxury car, you will undoubtedly hear about all kinds of services that you can purchase and use. With a mobile repair service, your "baby" stays in your garage on your property (or in your high security storage unit) and the mechanic comes to you instead of you driving or towing your vehicle to the mechanic or the dealership. There is far less stress for you because there is far less of a chance for your expensive auto to be scratched, dinged, dented, or marred en route to the mechanic. Go to website for more information.