Car Tips: Simple Guide To Protect Your Vehicle From Hail Damage

Hail can come at any time, and you should try to protect your vehicle, as it can cause dents and costly paint damage. But is there more you can do besides keeping your car in a garage? The following simple guide will help you prevent hail damage in a few different ways.  

Prevention On The Fly

The following are two ways you can protect your car from hail storms if you are caught unaware:

Carry Linens

Pack your vehicle with the thickest linens you can find in your home before leaving. Leave these linens in your trunk for easy access, just in case the hail storm starts while you are driving. Pull over the side of the road if the storm starts, and place these linens over your car and let the storm pass.


Using your floormats is limiting, as you do not have enough to cover your vehicle completely, so you need to choose what you will protect. You should consider covering your windows first to make sure the hail does not crack your glass, making it harder for you to see as you drive. Make sure you park your vehicle in a safe location before attempting to cover your car with your floormats.

You can also try to find parking garages nearby, or program your GPS system with all the public garages near the areas that you frequent to quickly drive to them should a storm surprise you. 

Long-Term Planning

You should consider some long-term solutions, especially if you live in a region known to have regular hail storms from time to time. There are a few options that you have, which you can discuss with an auto care specialist (such as one from Brandywine Coach Works), such as the self-inflating vehicle air bag. This device will cover your entire car and can inflate in a manner of seconds, although the time varies from brand to brand. You will have to park your vehicle in a safe location while you let the hailstorm pass.     

Or you can ask your auto care specialist about a hail mesh protector that can help protect your vehicle from damage. The mesh material is usually made of some type of steel, and it is the most sturdy of the options available to you. But, as you can see, there are a few things that you can do to keep your car safe during the hail storm season.