How To Repair Paint Chips On Your Car

Small dents and chips in your car paint can be problematic if you ignore them. Untreated chips in your paint can expose the metal surface, which can lead to rusting and deterioration. This is why you should try to fix chips as soon as you notice them. Many think that they cannot do body work on their car because they don't have the right skills or tools. In fact, you can easily make repairs to small chips with just a few tools. This article will explain how to fix chips before they turn into more serious problems.

Sand the Chipped Area

First, you need to sand a small area around each chip you are patching. For this you will need auto body sandpaper, which you can get at most auto stores. It is similar to normal wood sandpaper, except that it is much smoother and needs to be moist when sanding. Wet sandpaper will remove the glossy finish without damaging the paint. You just need to lightly buff the area directly around a hole until you notice the sheen is removed.

Patch the Chipped Area

Now, the hole will be ready to be patched. Auto body patch material is hard to work with because it dries so quickly. You should practice to get used to the drying time before you apply it to your car surface. Use a plastic putty knife so you do not scratch the paint. If the hole is extremely small, you can just spread the putty with your finger. But, be sure to wear a latex glove so it does not dry on your fingertip.

Painting the Patch

The final step is to simply paint the patched area. You can get small cans of factory paint from most car dealerships. Getting the authentic paint color will ensure that you patched area matches. You usually have the option of buying it in can or spray form. The cans of liquid paint are easy to use because they come with a small touch-up brush and you do not need to worry about overspray. If you use a spray can, you will need to mask off the area you are working on. Finish off the paint job with the appropriate glossy coat for your car (which you can also get from the dealership).

If you have small chips in your auto body paint, do not be afraid to fix them yourself. But, you can also call a company like Pete's Service Center for more information.