4 Costly Cars Repairs You Need To Be Prepared For

There are many car repairs that are inevitable and, unfortunately, some of these repairs can be costly. If you are prepared for these repairs though, it can be a simple repair that won't put a heavy financial burden on you. Here are four costly repairs that are inevitable and you should be prepared for:

  1. Replacing the Tires: Replacing the tires on your vehicle is probably the most expensive and most common repair that needs to be made. Tires typically last at max about four years. At this point, you will have to replace them to ensure that you are driving smoothly on the road. Tires experience a great deal of wear and tear, which is why they have the shortest lifespan of all your vehicle's other components. Be sure that you save up at least $300 to replace your tires, since the average cost for new tires can be at least $80 per tire. If you do this, the expense shouldn't be too difficult to manage. 
  2. Replacing the Brake Pads: The brakes are the next part of the vehicle that wears pretty quickly. Since the brakes are used excessively, the brake pads can easily become worn. This is why it is inevitable that you will have to replace them at some point. On top of this, the rotors of the brakes can become worn as well, leaving those in need of replacement too. Depending on your vehicle, the total cost can be up to $400
  3. Replacing Timing Belts:  Luckily, unlike with tires and brakes, timing belts don't need to be changed out very often. But still, it's worth knowing how much it's going to cost so that you can be prepared for it. Keep in mind that it really isn't the cost of the timing belt itself that you need to be prepared for, but rather the cost of labor to have it removed and replaced. The average cost is about $450 for this job, and it typically has to be done every 5 years or so. 
  4. Replacing Suspension Parts: The suspension parts of your vehicle can easily become worn over time, and it can be difficult to say when you will need to replace certain parts since the entire system is made of many small pieces. These small pieces may need to be replaced at some point in time, which can cost you at least $150 or more. However, if you need to replace the entire system, it can be up to $5,000. 

By being prepared for these inevitable repairs your vehicle will need, you can be sure that the financial burden doesn't affect you as much as it would had you not had the money saved up for it. For more information, contact a service like Dean's Automotive Service Center.