Key Areas To Check On Your Car Before Summer's Arrival

Winter is usually the harshest season of the year when it comes to the wear and tear that can be done to your vehicle. As the ice begins to melt and you begin counting down the days until you can wear a swimsuit again, it's a good idea to take a hard look at your vehicle and make sure there are no lingering problems from the winter. Here are 3 areas of your car you should check to make sure that your summer driving experience will be a pleasant one.

Air Filter

You are hopefully getting your air filter checked every time you go to the auto repair shop for an oil change, but if not, you will definitely want to check the filter after winter is over. It's quite common for a car's air filter to get filled with dirt, salt and other gunk from the winter roads. This can decrease your engine performance and your fuel efficiency. Air filters are relatively inexpensive and can usually be changed without much hassle, but there's no shame in going to your local auto parts store and getting them to do it for you if you are unsure.


Cars by their very nature run hot, even during the colder months. But when the weather outside is especially hot, all of that extra heat can make your car overheat. Luckily, your car's engine is equipped with a coolant to help keep things under control. The next time you get your engine oil changed ahead of the arrival of summer, make sure you or the mechanic also takes a look at your coolant. Dirty coolant should be flushed and replaced, and a car that is low on coolant should be topped off to the maximum suggested level.

Car Battery

If your car battery is getting older, it may not respond well to sudden changes in temperature. Hot weather in particular can cause problems with corrosion. If your car's battery gets corroded, it's likely the engine will not start because the corrosion is blocking the connection to the alternator and the battery. You can usually remove most corrosion yourself with a toothbrush, some water and baking soda. If the corrosion is especially bad, however, take it in for a professional cleaning or replacement.

Shocks and Struts

It's no secret that plenty of drivers tend to go faster in the summer than in the winter. Being able to finally hit the gas pedal on a clear road after a winter of inching along a dangerous icy highway is a great feeling. To ensure the best summer driving experience, get your car's shocks and struts inspected and tightened up if needed. This will lead to a smoother driving experience all summer long.

With summer's arrival, you'll likely be taking a joyride or two down the open highway. To ensure everything goes as planned, take steps before summer's arrival to make sure your car is ready for the heat wave ahead. Get your car into an auto shop like Affordable Automotive Service Center to inspect everything from your air filter to your suspension system for best results.