Key Features Of The Mercedes Benz CLA250

Since 1881 Mercedes Benz has been manufacturing some of the most high performance luxury cars in the world. This manufacturer currently makes a few different classes of cars, and the CLA-Class is one of the most popular. Within this class is the CLA250, which has a unique 4-door coupe design, as well as a lot of other great features.

The Performance of the CLA250

The 2.0L Direct injection 4-cylinder engine in this model gives this car the power that you want without the high fuel usage that you don't want. The engine also has a 3 phase cooling system that helps to reduce emissions, which is great for the environment. The CLA250 also has a ECO start/stop function that shuts the car off when it is idle, which also helps reduce fuel consumption. As you let off the break, the engine restarts so there is no delay when you are ready to take off again.

The Design of the CLA250

The new CLA250 has a very sporty look, but still offers the luxury that Mercedes drivers want. The door glass is not framed, which gives it a very unique design. The diamond-block grille gives the car a bold look that is noticeable to all who see it. Inside the car are four seats that are both comfortable and roomy. The interior was designed specifically for driving enjoyment, so all the controls can easily be reached by the driver.

The Safety of the CLA250

Today, all cars have plenty of air bags, but the CLA250 has 8 air bags that offer 10-way protection. This provides a high level of cushion for drivers and passengers alike in case of a collision. It also has an attention assist system that constantly monitors different parameters. This system can alert the driver if it detects any signs of drowsiness, which is great for long trips. In addition to these great safety systems, this model also has park assist, blind spot assist, lane keep assist, and many other safety features.

The CLA250 in a Nutshell

In a nutshell, the CLA250 is an ideal car for anyone who wants a luxury car that is high performing, safe, beautiful, and affordable. Because Mercedes Benz is such a superior manufacturer, there will be little need for Mercedes Benz repair, but if the need ever arises, finding a technician (such as one from Autowerkes) to fix those repairs will be a lot easier than it used to be. That is because there are many Mercedes Benz dealerships around today.